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Your Desktop Solutions for Civil Engineering Software

Carlson Software produces a complete suite of solutions for land development professionals, across the disciplines of data collection, surveying, engineering design and drafting. You can rent or buy this desktop software from Carlson Technology Solutions. Our civil engineering software is designed to meet the demands of your project.

Carlson Civil Suite

The Ultimate Civil Package

Get a fairly priced, full-featured land development CAD, and free support with Carlson Software's Civil Suite, a powerful bundle, made up of Carlson Survey (see Carlson Civil, Carlson Hydrology, and Carlson GIS). Working together, these four civil-related modular programs provide the ultimate civil package to dramatically increase productivity while creating better design.


Carlson Civil, the "Civil" Choice

Carlson Civil provides the most robust automation and ease of use of any civil design solution available today. And, it does dynamic updating without a single custom object. What might take days with other civil software takes just hours, or even minutes, with the powerful, intuitive Carlson "Civil."

Carlson Survey Surveyors' #1 Software Choice

Get the full tool kit with everything from network least squares to surface modeling working seamlessly between office and field. You can establish a company-wide design style, create GIS links, and exchange Esri® data.

Carlson Civil Suite

Carlson Hydrology

Complete Hydrologic & Hydraulic Solution

Comprehensive, yet easy-to-master, Carlson Hydrology provides the automation to meet your hydrology needs and all in the CAD environment of polylines, text, and layers. Full 3-D road and lot design feed directly into flow calculations and drainage design.

Carlson GIS Put Your Designs on the Map

Carlson GIS is a true GIS "Swiss Army Knife" for the surveyor or engineer with its tools for:

  • Data Capture & Linking
  • Data Labeling
  • Import/Export of .shp Files
  • Polygon Topology Creation & Analysis
  • And More

The software's routines for managing aerial images enable users to improve the quality of the geographic positioning of their designs.

Carlson Select Suite

Carlson Software's Survey Suite

Software programs including:

  • Carlson Survey Surveyors' #1 Software Choice
  • Carlson GIS Put Your Designs on the Map
  • Carlson Civil, the "Civil" Choice

Carlson CADnet

Create CAD from PDF, BIM, & More

Carlson CADnet allows users to create CAD from non-CAD documents such as PDFs, raster images, and paper plans. CAD text can also be generated from raster images with CADnet's built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Carlson Takeoff Suite

Carlson Takeoff Suite

Carlson Takeoff is a cut/fill volumes and data prep (for layout or machine control) solution that can estimate jobs using paper plan digitizing, PDFs, or electronic CAD files. It's available in two configurations:

  • Takeoff OEM (Comes with Autocad Engine Built-In)
  • Takeoff Suite, Comprised of Carlson Construction, CADnet, Trench, & Geotech

Carlson Trench for Trench Quantities & Modeling

Carlson Trench is for calculations related to installing pipes, sewers, or utility lines. The software calculates the volume of the trench cut, the volume of backfill (excluding pipe size), and the linear footage of pipe broken down by the pipe material, size, and/or depth.

Carlson Construction for Estimating & 3D Modeling

Carlson Construction is an integrated cut/fill takeoff and 3-D surface modeling software solution designed for site and road construction from CAD files. It offers powerful section and 3-D viewing tools for elevating 2-D designs to 3-D model files.

Carlson GeoTech — Know your Strata

Cut-designed for geo-technicians, civil engineers, and construction professionals, Carlson GeoTech provides the ability to import borehole data for analyzing subsurface conditions and materials. It models all core samples, producing a detailed, easy-to-read report for drill logs, cross sections, and plan view. This information is fully integrated with Carlson Civil for determining site stability and suitability, and also Carlson Construction for accurate strata takeoff estimation.